Don’t Hit Save competition!

Jeff Loafers. Lovers? Lofvers.

I’ll come again.

Jeff Lofvers is awesome. He does lots of neat stuff, but you may have actually heard of Don’t Hit Save, a webcomic about office work. Right now, he’s holding a contest where he’ll art YOU in his grandiose style (and it’s pretty damn stylish).


Pretty Sweet, huh?

Would you like a chance to win a full-body portrait and get his signature on your very own Don’t Hit Save t-shirt? It’s free, and you’ll cover up your torso in style! Or you can frame it and hope it appreciates in value, and you can sell it to some future hipster for serious bank!

Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, there’s three Runner Up prizes where you get a drawing of your head. In case there’s a need to jog your memory from a moment ago, here’s my own mug again.


Still looking good!

How to enter? Simple! Use either the contact form or comments section of Don’t Hit Save! Full details can be found in the news post here, along with ways to get multiple entries! One of the easiest ways is to throw money at the guy on his Pateron, where you’ll get an entry for every dollar you’re contributing throughout March!


Get you one!

Competition ends on March 31st, winner chosen whenever Jeff Fiver feels like it in April I guess.

Good luck!

[FREE] Snag Starcraft and Brood War!

Not much else to say, other than it’s a solid game. Get your copy here!

Played it to death? Perhaps a mod will interest you! Antioch Chronicles really stood out for me because of the voice acting, which seems to stand up even today. It’s unfinished, but still good.

As always…

Enjoy and have fun!

Joe Dever, publisher of the Lone Wolf game books, has passed on

Where to begin…

Joe Dever may not have been the first to combine elements of Dungeons & Dragons with Choose Your Own Adventure playbooks, but damned if he wasn’t one of the best. His stories regarding the world of Magnamund and the creation of the Psionic-Ranger-Monk bad asses known as the Kai were prominent through my formative years. Once I learned the series were a thing, I was spending my allowance each month at the bookstore for the next installment, wanting to continue the journey in the boots of Silent Wolf, renamed Lone Wolf, who survived the destruction of the Kai monastery and his fellow Kai at the hands of their archenemies, the Darklords of Helgedad.

Can’t be slain by normal weapons, but you don’t find that out until he tears you asunder…

Many years later, I found out that the books were reprints of the ones written many years before in the UK, and that there was some odd abridging (and game-breaking flaws) in the later books. Despite this, I adored the series, even dressing up one Halloween as the last Kai Lord in a homemade Lone Wolf costume. I remember very little from that time, other than the borrowed cowboy boots I wore were two sizes too small and really hurt my feet to walk around in for hours. I persevered, because Lone Wolf wouldn’t have worn sneakers… not sure the boots were appropriate but they were WAY better than sneakers.

I wasn’t about to look like an idiot, dressing as some fictional character no one would understand, while wearing these stupid things.

So here was a book series where you had a character you could continue to bring through multiple stories, along with coins and treasures you collected. Some items did nothing, some actively harmed you, but many were incredibly useful and would help you defeat puzzles or problems way into future installments. You kept track of a character sheet that would remind you of the items and money you possessed, your weapons, and your Combat Skill (how good you fought) and Endurance Points (how much damage you took before you died).

In 1999, Joe Dever released a chunk of his books, including Combat Heroes, Grey Star the Wizard and the Freeway Warrior series, to be archived on Project Aon. In addition to the books, there’s some tools that will keep your character sheet active and randomly generate numbers when requested (during combat and some action sequences). I recommend checking this archive out and treating yourself to a solo gaming experience like none other.

Joe Dever’s illness was kept secret, and he had been battling it for some time, and on November 29, 2016, the battle was over. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on. Thank you for your contributions; your multi-path adventure games, your RPG’s, your novels, your video games, all of it. Rest well, and may Sommerlund welcome you home.


[Extra Life] Play games, heal kids!

Start your gaming journey here:
Get on my level: Team 3Ronin!
Live stream:

Greetings fellow gamers! What does November 5th mean to you?

Many will note it’s Guy Fawkes Night, brought into mainstream popularity with some movie. Others may be burning candles, giving praises and offering sacrifices at their shrines set up to Canadian classic rock legend Bryan Adams for being born that day.

Not judging. Good jams.

For me, it’ll be a 24-hour marathon, where I do all things gaming, all the while asking for donations to fuel my sleepless drive to great success. A couple years ago, I ran a Dungeons & Dragons game with friends online and played a whole mess of video games, right along with my wonderful wife.

This year, I’m hoping to marathon some Rock Band and Titan Quest in addition to other gaming endeavors. With the generosity of awesome people, I’ll be able to achieve my personal and group goals for donations to the Children’s Miracle Network and help a lot of kids get they treatment they need at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

I encourage everyone to join me in this mighty endeavor. If you can’t spare the time, but got a couple bucks, then feel free to help the cause in that way too. Whether you’re participating, donating, or just watching the stream, I appreciate your participation so much!

As always…

Enjoy and have fun!



I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing with WordPress yet. I said I’d just put up a blog now and then try and fine-tune things later, have sections for certain kinds of posts, etc. Then I promptly forgot to do that. Still swinging a hammer when a scalpel would do the job better.

For those who know me, I’ve always had a penchant for hammers anyway.

I want to thank everyone following me. Even the bots. I’m sure there’s plenty of them, but I’m still showing love. Robots need love too.

Anywho, to all my awesome followers out there, any recommendations on web tutorials I can benefit from? I tend to shy away from third-party mods, having been warned by friends that WordPress can be easily hacked by unlicensed plug-ins. I’d just like to use the tools available to me to improve the quality of this blog. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help out.

Much thanks, and as always…

Enjoy and have fun!

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